BlueSky Properties

BlueSky Properties is the newest Robert Bosa Family Company – Founded by the storied Bosa family whose career in homebuilding began in the 1960s after immigrating to Canada from Italy. For five decades, the Bosa name has been synonymous with style, quality and extraordinary value. Our loyal following of homeowners know that, with a Robert Bosa home, they’ll receive features they can’t find everywhere else as well as a level of craftsmanship that only comes from a family-builder whose roots in construction run this deep. The proof of their dedication is visible all across Metro Vancouver in homes that endure, and in communities that stay sound, strong, comfortable, and highly sought after.

Our Philosophy. BlueSky is a Vancouver developer that refuses to be boxed in. We’re busy creating everything from rental apartments to commercial buildings to high-style residences in some of the city’s most important neighbourhoods – and backing each one with our family’s 50 years in the business. This industry experience is prompting some fresh thinking on how to better build a range of projects: Lowrise. Highrise. Commercial. Residential. Rental. Ownership. And on every one, we question the status quo a million times. Can we build something not seen before? Can every project offer a signature element found nowhere else? Can these new homes prompt lasting change for the community? Yes. Yes to all of them. Because that’s happens when you think without limits, and build without boundaries.